Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another schmuck's blog

I never understood why someone would start their own blog, where one reveals to the world that the blueberry waffles he had for breakfast this morning were okay but totally could've been better. Last time he ever buys those waffles again. It's entries like those that make me despise the internet and it's capabilities to no end, how it turns a teenager's torturous diary into a public torturous diary.

Nevertheless, here I am, torturing you as you read this. If you're wondering exactly what I plan on writing in this blog in the future, which you're not, keep wondering. Because I don't know either. As a matter of fact, it is highly like this will be my last entry as well as my first. If I do return however, it will most likely be a Seinfeldesque blog...you know, a blog about nothing. Well, not nothing. Probably movies. As an aspiring filmmaker, a lot of people come to me for my opinions on movies. "Write a blog" they say. "Talk about movies!". As if the internet doesn't have enough of those schmucks anyway. Well, here's another schmuck to add to the list I suppose.
So basically, if you don't like movies, don't come back here. But then again, if you don't enjoy movies, you probably don't have a soul. So I stick out my tongue to you, sir.