Monday, March 15, 2010

Kid Seriously Loves Goof Troop

An aspiring filmmaker, Ted Sowards, has remade the opening scene from the animated Disney film Goof Troop into a live short, shot-by-shot, using "$100, a borrowed camera, 90+ supportive friends, Final Cut Studio, and lots of free time" during the time-span of six months. I must say, I'm impressed, partially because I must have watched Goof Troop about ten dozen times as a kid, so obviously this brings back old memories. This also proves what one can do with such limited resources to make a quality film, as long one has the ambition and patience to do so. You might be scratching your head and asking yourself "That's great and all, but why Goof Troop?" Because Goof Troop is awesome, that's why.


The above picture is Batman battling a Great White Shark with a lightsaber. You're welcome.