Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MAD, Day VI: A Town Called Panic (2009)

A Town Named Panic is a stop-animation film based off of a popular television series originating in Belgium. According to Wikipedia, every episode is roughly 5 minutes long, so a leap into a 90-minute film is a big step in terms of storytelling and structure. It's almost as if it was decided to make Robot Chicken into a feature film, which sounds like a disgusting nightmare. Hearing good things about it on the interwebs, I gave it a shot anyway. Turns out, it's actually kind of hilarious. It finds similar ground to that of Team America: World Police, although not nearly as raunchy or R-rated, but there are a couple cusses that catch you off guard and makes it all the more funnier. It's difficult to talk about it without discussing the plot a bit, so I will try to sum up it in the simplest way possible: