Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Michael Caine Wants Those Little Sh*ts Out of His Neighborhood

The directorial debut from Daniel Barber, Harry Brown is about a retired ex-Marine (Sir Michael Caine) who lives in a bad part of Britain, that is overrun by drugs and thugs. As a widower, he has no one to talk to but his best friend. His best friend is murdered by some thugs. So Brown wants justice, and goddammit, he's going to get it. The trailer doesn't really show anything entirely original or new as far as revenge stories go, but I can't remember the last time I saw Caine in a film that wasn't at least somewhat decent, so I have my hopes up for this one. Not exactly what I would expect from Caine, either, especially since he just recently turned 77 years-old. Eat that, Clint Eastwood. If this trailer has taught me anything, I think I will think twice about pissing off my elderly neighbors from now on. Trailer below for your viewing pleasure.