Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Favorite Scenes: Adaptation.

Adaptaion. is a rare gem not only because it features a set of chubby, curly-haired twins portrayed by Nicolas Cage, but it stars Nicolas Cage in a convincing, worth-watching role. It's one of those films where Cage will make an out-of-nowhere comeback after doing a series of unintentionally laughable movies, reminding us why people keep giving him work. Adaptation. doesn't exactly have a plot, or at least a plot that can be easily explained; it's essentially about a screenwriter who is suffering from writer's block. It is an excellent film, and the video below is proof why. Although it's one of those sappy, 'brotherly love" moments, it is a tearjerker for saps like myself. Ah, unrequited love. How I despise you.