Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MAD, Day VI: A Town Called Panic (2009)

A Town Named Panic is a stop-animation film based off of a popular television series originating in Belgium. According to Wikipedia, every episode is roughly 5 minutes long, so a leap into a 90-minute film is a big step in terms of storytelling and structure. It's almost as if it was decided to make Robot Chicken into a feature film, which sounds like a disgusting nightmare. Hearing good things about it on the interwebs, I gave it a shot anyway. Turns out, it's actually kind of hilarious. It finds similar ground to that of Team America: World Police, although not nearly as raunchy or R-rated, but there are a couple cusses that catch you off guard and makes it all the more funnier. It's difficult to talk about it without discussing the plot a bit, so I will try to sum up it in the simplest way possible:
A horse named Horse lives with an indian named Indian and a cowboy named Cowboy. It is Horse's birthday, but Cowboy and Indian forgot. So while Horse leaves to sign up for piano lessons in order to get closer to Madame LongrĂ©e, the lady-horse of his dreams (got it so far?), Cowboy and Indian come up with a plan to build Horse a new barbecue. Only problem is, they are out of bricks. So they order bricks online (with same-day shipping, of course). But instead of order 50 bricks, they accidentally order 50 million. Panicked, Cowboy and Indian hide the bricks before Horse gets home. When he finally arrives, they have a great party with their friends (still with me?). Unfortunately when the parties over, we discover that Cowboy and Indian hid the bricks on top of their home, and the three of them barely escape before the bricks crush their home. The next day, they have no choice but to rebuild their home with the bricks they bought. But every night when they are asleep in their neighbor's barn, someone keeps stealing their unfinished walls, making the previous day's work all for naught. So they finally decide to hide by the walls at night and catch the thief in the act. When they see three mermen stealing their walls, an intense chase ensues (stop nodding your head, I know you haven't been paying attention since the first sentence). Two of the mermen escape, but they manage to corner one named Gerard when they accidentally fall through a trap door in a strange shed that they found. When they find Gerard, the ground below them begins to crumble and they begin to head straight for the center of the Earth, which is filled with deadly magma and...hey! Wake up! Oh I'm sorry, did I disturb you? You fell asleep, didn't you? Don't lie, you were lying face-down on the desk. Oh, you had a long day, did you? You know what? I'm done. You can go back to your precious nap now, if you're such a workaholic. See what I care. *sobs*

Seriously, though on the next rainy day, watch this flick – you'll get many chuckles out of it. You can actually watch the film in it's ENTIRETY, for FREE, on YouTube: